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Product Research Model  Product Research Model

The industry investment consulting provided by Market-Guide is mainly for foreign funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market; Market-Guide will help the enterprises to conduct market, finance and risk assessment in terms of investment direction, thus to determine the market opportunity.

Research and Consulting Field

In the pre-market analysis, Market-Guide will explore the business opportunities step-by-step from the following aspects, to provide a reliable strategy basis for the investment behavior of enterprises:


Currently, Market-Guide provides customers with more comprehensive and detailed industry consultation through a unique way of industry research: B2B + B2C, that is, the combination of industry research, competitor research and user (consumer) research.


Research and consulting fields  Research and consulting fields

The status and characteristic of the industry - the history of the industry development - the market structure of industry - market environment of the industry - the concentration of the industry - product life cycle - the overall market overview of the industry - the current situation of the overall market - product status - raw material status - the policies and regulations - research on the industry competition - research on the industry sales channel - research on the consumer characteristics and needs - analysis of barrier to entry and the opportunity of the industry - research on industry entry model - choice of priority industry entry region

Current status and the development trend of industry M&A  Current status and the development trend of industry M&A

Current status of M&A - M&A analysis - development trend of M&A

Industry development trend and forecast  Industry development trend and forecast"

-Market size forecast - the market production size forecast

-Market technology development trend forecast - raw material development trend forecast

-Analysis and forecast of alternatives - domestic and international development trends forecast

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