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The current status of industrial production industry  The current status of industrial production industry

As the pillar industry in national economic development, industrial production is of strategic importance for the research in this area.

Industry is greatly affected by national economic policy, industrial policy, economic situation and technology environment; it has a series of characteristics of economics including periodicity, regional pertinence and scarcity

Industrial production covers a wide range of products, including products in fields of chemical industry, automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy, iron and steel and electricity etc.

Foreign industrial enterprises have accelerated their pace of entering the Chinese market, more and more industrial production line will move to China.

Market-Guide focuses mainly on industries such as petrochemicals, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and iron and steal, etc.

Market-Guide's research model in manufacturing products industry  Market-Guide's research model in manufacturing products industry

Market-Guide has summarized a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research models for industrial products. These quantitative studies have been widely used in the fields of consumer market segmentation, consumer behavior, new product development, market forecasting, pricing strategy, competitive research, evaluation of market promotion effects and service standard formulation, etc., and have played an important role in effectively reducing the decision-making risk, formulating and amending development strategies for clients.

Major research models including market share research model, pricing research model, product testing research model, retail research model, brand research model, market potential research model, corporate image research model, market segmentation research model, market demand research model, consumer buying behavior research model, etc.

Values that Market-Guide provides  Values that Market-Guide provides

Provide values --- Effectively integrate product supply chain through the analysis of enterprise value chain, thus to reduce cost and improve profit.


Market-Guide's main recommendations  Market-Guide's main recommendations

The industrial production market has capital investment barrier, enterprises should fully assess their capability of funds and carry out market segmentation for industrial products

Industrial product enterprises must strengthen market development activities. Market development is the most important aspect in marketing activities; therefore, a depth study and careful research should be carried out.

Carry out effective integration for the company's supply chain, reduce cost and improve profit

Place emphasis on after-sales service of the product; improve the quality of after-sales service, undertake brand promotion

Depth understanding of the end-consumers will be an important task for industrial enterprises

Market-Guide's resource in manufacturing products industrys  Market-Guide's resource in manufacturing products industry

Professional consulting team: has professional consultants; the high-quality researchers are with the appropriate industrial background or market/industry background. Highly skillful in a variety of market research techniques, fully understand and aware the industrial products market.

Extensive industry experience: has long-term research experience in different industrial fields, involving petrochemicals, automobiles, medicine etc. and it has established a series of mature research model.

The improved basic data: Market-Guide owns the necessary basic data for industrial products research, and this basis is structured with Market-Guide's professional database, the improved and accurate information channels and a substantial amount of historical data research.

A wide range of expert network: with the establishment of a huge expert database, Market-Guide is able to stand in the forefront of the industry both in the technology and the market sectors, and also to grasp the latest development in the industry.

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