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U & A study is the most commonly used research method in market research, it can provide information on using and purchasing habit of consumers, their attitude to the product and brand as well as market competition information of each brand.

U&A study can solve the following marketing management problems:

-Find market opportunities for existing or new products

-Efficient market segmentation, choose the target market and determine the product positioning

-Formulate the marketing mix strategy

-Evaluate the marketing activities of companies


U & A study is mainly used to measure the following indexes:

-Brand:awareness,attempt,brand switching,loyalty, etc.

-Product using :the product,the user,time of usage, occasions, ways of using, frequency, etc.

-Product purchasing:the product,the buyer,the purchasing place, ways of purchasing, frequency, quantity, etc.

-Attitude to each brand:overall, functional attributes, emotional attributes

-Media contact:television, newspaper, radio, Internet, outdoor

-Life style: social value, life attitude, attitude of family and career, attitude of shopping

-Background information:age, income, occupation, education, religion

Find market opportunities:

-Based on the above information, one can further analyze the problems and needs in order to find the potential market opportunities

For example, by analyzing the importance of the problems and the satisfaction of problem solving that consumers encounter day-to-day, the following evaluation diagram can be draw

Through this diagram, consumer unmet needs towards current products can be identified, thus to provide direction for the formation of concept and selling point of the new products.

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