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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry  Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

The current status of pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the 15 categories of international industries, which is divided in accordance with the international standard. It is also one of the worlds fast growing sunrise industries. It is expected that between 2001 and 2010, the output value of the worlds pharmaceutical industry will have an average increase of around 7% each year. Since the reform and opening up, the output value of Chinas pharmaceutical industry has experienced an annual average growth rate of around16.6%

Chemical pharmaceutical is the pillar industry in Chinas pharmaceutical industry; it is the basis for the stable development of the pharmaceutical industry. Experts estimated that by 2020, China would become one of the worlds largest markets for OTC drug sales.

Chinese medicine industry is one of the industries that with comparative advantage, it is expected to be the hot sport for investment in recent years.

Values that Market-Guide provides  Values that Market-Guide provides

Identify the market needs of medicine and health

Market positioning of healthcare products and OTC medicine

Market potential forecast of the health industry

Establish and enhance the brand image

Choice of retail terminal form

Sales forecast of healthcare products

Concept testing of healthcare products, OTC medicine

In-depth study of the competitors

Grasp the market opportunities and the risks

Analyze the advertising effect of healthcare products, OTC medicine

Market segmentation

Consumption psychology and behavior of the patients

Develop the advertising strategy of healthcare products, OTC medicine

Brand positioning

Explore the satisfaction rate of patients

Develop a promotion mix for healthcare products

Positioning of patients or consumer groups

Determine the name, package and price of the healthcare products

Market-Guide's research model in healthcare industry  Market-Guide's research model in healthcare industry

Pharmaceutical industry (segmented industry) research

Industry size, efficiency and geographical distribution

Consumption structure and the market

The main enterprises

Raw material supply

Industrial policy

Industrial development plan and investment prospects

Study of the doctors

Doctor-patient relationship study

Study of doctors prescription behavior

Study of doctors medicine promotion

Establish the marketing database of hospitals and doctors

Market-Guide's main recommendations  Market-Guide's main recommendations

To strengthen the response capability of the industry policy has become one of the important issues for Chinas enterprises. With Chinas entry of WTO, more and more multinational companies have further expended their business into the Chinese market; the earliest variety of industry protection policies will be phased out over the next few years.

The most important task that the domestic OTC enterprises are facing is to get a clear understanding of their positions and grasp the opportunity to reform. Greatly enhance the existing products, develop, promote and maintain the brand, explore new market and achieve business objectives.

Change in thinking from the earliest planned economy to market economy as soon as possible. Patients are no longer passive, subordinate to the hospital or doctor, their understanding and self-selection of medicines have been much higher than before. Therefore, a deeper understanding of aspirations of patients and their habits of medicine selection are particularly important for the sales of pharmaceutical products, especially for healthcare products and OTC medicines.

In every aspect during the occurrence of contact between the enterprise and the market, the support that market research provides can be used to ensure the decision-making is more scientific and targeted.

Market-Guide's resource in healthcare industry  Market-Guide's resource in healthcare industry

With extensive pharmaceutical industry research experience, Market-Guide is providing or has provided professional research consulting services to many well-know domestic and international pharmaceutical enterprises.

To provide clients in the pharmaceutical industry with professional consulting service, Market-Guide has set up a specific research team and professional solutions.

Market-Guide has built a huge database of doctors and experts to assist the industry research process and a high quality completion.

Market-Guide can provide the pharmaceutical industry research or information collecting work overseas with the support of oversea branches and cooperation partners.

Research of patients purchasing habits

Study of patients consumption behavior

Research of patients satisfaction rate

Establish marketing database

Market-Guide's research experience in healthcare industry  Market-Guide's research experience in healthcare industry

Chemical industry research of China

Traditional Chinese medicine industry research of China

Genetic engineering research of China

The continuous follow-up research of healthcare products industry of China

Medical equipment industry research of China

Consumer behavior research of pharmaceutical products

U.S. healthcare market research

Shanghai healthcare products market research

The continuous follow-up research of Shanghai beauty health products

Brand strategy planning

Packaging testing of OTC medicine

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