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Current Situation of Household Commodity Industry  Current Situation of Household Commodity Industry

After years of development and sedimentation of the household commodity industry, currently on the market, a number of leading brands have emerged. The strengths of these brands are good brand image, regulated market operation as well as first-rate talent and management

At present, the same problem that these leading brands are facing is the market entry of small brands one after another in different areas with lower production cost, low price and at the same time, providing higher profit driven to different channels, which have encroached on the market step by step

Household commodity industry has huge market capacity. China has a large population; with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the market demand is also continuous increasing

China's household commodity producers are mainly concentrated in the eastern region, in which Guangdong Province occupies the most of these producers. The vast majority of foreign brands have set up their production plants in China

Household commodity will be one of the most competitive industries in the future

The Basic Characteristics of the Household Commodity  The Basic Characteristics of the Household Commodity

Low unit price, small unit profit, wide consumption range and high consumption frequency

Due to its convenience characteristic, consumers generally purchase the nearest habitually

At the time of purchase, consumers are easily impacted by the store atmosphere

Brand loyalty is not high, consumers easily switch to different brands for the same type of products

Must rely on a wide range of market coverage to generate economy of scale to be profitable

Manufacturers cannot do direct large-scale marketing; therefore they can only rely on general agents, dealers, distributors, retailers, and then to the consumers hands at the end

The most complex and trivial channels, the longest path, the most point of sales, the overall quality of the management in the channels are relatively low compared with other industries

Household commodity industry has a maximum dependence of channels, and the management of channels is also the most difficult task

Values that Market-Guide can provide  Values that Market-Guide can provide

By helping clients to understand the status of the industry, analyze the trend of customer demand; Market-Guide can accurately grasp market opportunities in the industry, and also to provide the basis for the formulation of marketing strategy, product development and corporate strategy.

Market positioning of household commodity

Sales forecast of household commodity

Sales promotion program formulation

Establish and enhance the brand image

Choice of retail terminal form

Grasp the target consumers

Research of consumption behavior and habit

Awareness of one's market position

In-depth study of the competitors

Grasp the business opportunities

Market-Guides research model in household commodity industry  Market-Guide's research model in household commodity industry

Market-Guide's research model in household commodity industry

Market-Guide's recommendations for the household commodity industry  Market-Guide's recommendations for the household commodity industry

Have a clear understanding of the market segments of the industry to be entered

Manufacturer must strengthen the channel management of the products, being a good model as a supplier

Strengthen the brand image management, establish a professional image to win clients and also develop confidence and sense of belonging to the enterprise for dealers

Formulate detailed market pricing strategy, price communication strategy with consumers and marketing strategy in accordance with the fierce competition of the market

In every aspect of contact occurred between the enterprise and the market, market research can be leveraged to provide support, thus to ensure the decision made is more scientific and targeted

Market-Guides resources in household commodity industry  Market-Guide's resources in household commodity industry

Senior industry consultant

Extensive industry consulting experience

Market-Guide has built a huge expert database to assist the industry research process and a high quality completion

With extensive research experience in the household commodity industry, Market-Guide is providing or has provided professional research consulting services to many well-known domestic and international enterprises

Market-Guides research experience in household commodity industry  Market-Guide's research experience in household commodity industry

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